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Resources by title

Author Title Availability*
Bentham Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation 1
Defence Of Usury 2 O O
Offences Against One's Self 7
On the Liberty of the Press, and Public Discussion 1
Pannomial Fragments 1
The Rationale of Punishment 1
The Rationale of Reward 1
Truth versus Ashhurst O
Mill Utilitarianism 5 1 8
Autobiography 5 2 12
Bentham 2
Considerations on Representative Government 1
On Liberty 5 1 8 O
On Nature O
Speech in Favour of Capital Punishment 9
Speech on Perfectibility u
Speech on The Utility of Knowledgeu
Speech on Secular Educationu
The Subjection of Women 1 2 O
The Principles of Political Economy 2
SidgwickThe Methods of Ethics 1
The Principles of Political Economy, Book III 1
The Morality of Strife 1
Bentham and Benthamism in Politics and EthicsO
What is Money? O
The Wages Fund Theory O
Economic Socialism O
Russell Styles in Ethics u
Our Sexual Ethics u
The New Generation u
Smart Integrity and Squeamishnessu
Hare Could Kant have been a utilitarian?O
Singer The Animal Liberation Movement u
Do Animals Feel Pain? O
The triviality of the debate over "is-ought" and the definition of "moral"u
Pearce The Hedonistic Imperative O

*The numbers in this column are links to copies of the work. The value represents the identity of the host site (see below - also: "O" is an unlisted location, "u" is utilitarian.org).

Resources by website

  1. Classical Utilitarianism at the Liberal Arts Computer Instruction Laboratory, University Of Texas, Austin. A very useful site hosting many well-structured papers from Bentham, Mill, and Sidgwick.
  2. Archive for the History of Economic Thought at the Faculty of Social Sciences, McMaster University. A large collection of papers, containing a good section on Mill, and others including Bentham, Hume, Sidgwick, and James Mill! (John Stuart's Dad).
  3. The Bentham Project at University College, London. Contains pictures and biographical information on the great man, and progress reports on efforts to republish his many works.
  4. The Hedonistic Imperative by David Pearce. A utilitarian manifesto for life-enhancement via emerging technologies. Highly recommended.
  5. Happiness on the Web at utilitarianism.com (from where the majority of links here were taken)
  6. Negative Utilitarianism - A Manifesto by Dan Geinster
  7. Offences Against One's Self, one of Bentham's less well-known papers, at Columbia University.
  8. Phil202 class notes and classic texts at Lincoln University.
  9. Literature on Utilitarian Ethics at Ethics Updates, hosted by the University of San Diego.
  10. The Philosophy Overview on The Victorian Web, at Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island.
  11. A page on Mill, and an unexpectedly-amusing quiz, at John Carroll University.
  12. Autobiography, the work of John Stuart Mill, as part of Bjorn's Guide to Philosophy, at Linköpings Universitet.
  13. A page on Bentham at the Comprehensive Policy Making centre of Ehime University.
  14. Peter Singer Links.
  15. Notes on Utilitarianism at Wofford College.
  16. Home Page de la Sociedad iberoamericana de estudios utilitaristas, Universidade da Coruna
  17. Utilitarianism from The Catholic Encyclopedia at New Advent Catholic Website.
  18. Utilitarianism by Gareth McCaughan
  19. Sidgwick's Principles and Hare's Universalizability by Soshichi Uchii at Kyoto University.
  20. La Sociedad Iberoamericana de Estudios Utilitaristas

As an interesting showcase of how some people are taught about utilitarianism, see this sheepish discussion about Mill's role in the "utilitarianist [sic!] movement" at Southwest Virginia Community College.

Additional Links (not specific to utilitarianism)

  1. Peter Unger's Home Page at New York University.
  2. The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy at the University of Tennessee, Martin.
  3. The Philosophers' Magazine Online
  4. Philosophy around the web
  5. Philosophy for Everyone
  6. Epicurus and Epicurean Philosophy
  7. Libertarian.org
  8. The Philosophy News Service
  9. The Meta-Encylopedia of Philosophy
  10. Pierre Leclerc On Happiness and Life, Sweet and Sour.

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