Project Index

The value of each of these projects will be discussed in the proposal and via the email list, but it can be made clear here that - whichever of the projects we decide to implement - there may be several indirect benefits of carrying them out, and sooner rather than later might well be best:

  1. We will help encourage action - in ourselves, and others. (One of the main problems preventing truly equal consideration of interests will be our ingrained habits of selfishness and prejudice - we must be prepared to break our bad habits to improve ourselves.)
  2. We will encourage the study of utilitarianism - if we are seen to be doing good work, we will be known as good people, and interest in our philosophy will spread. By their fruits shall ye know them.
  3. If we adopt a goal-oriented practical outlook, and work to achieve our aims, then, provided our projects are reasonably successful, in many cases we may well find the work to be satisfying*. We can help others and ourselves at the same time!

Current project proposals:

* I do not suggest that our own interests should be a significant consideration - I would rather these projects were undertaken altruistically - only that in practice they usually are.