Project "Nourishment"

Project Description

Food is cheap, yet one of the main natural limitations on population size. With modern agricultural techniques, we humans have a great deal of food to spare (or, at least, those of us in developed countries generally do). By purchasing cheap food, eg. grain, and distributing it in the countryside (particularly in winter or other times of natural scarcity), increase the size of local populations of consumers of that food.

Project Cost

Food and distribution costs - variable depending on the scale of the project. It could range from a few handfuls of grain in someone's garden, to a massive distribution system.

Utility value

The value of life over death for the animals concerned. Depends on the scale of the project, but likely to be reasonable compared to the costs. The advice of an ecologist should be sought before promoting this project in the large - there may be negative effects on the local ecosystem if the population dynamics are altered.

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Additional Notes

The scope of this project is obviously not limited to helping birds (it could be applied to many types of wildlife) - it merely reflects the inspiration behind this idea. When debating the ethics of shooting with hunt-scum blood-junkies, the only significant positive consequence they could point to was the positive effect on local wildlife caused by them putting out a lot of food to keep the birds in the area. (The pleasure they get from it is insignificant next to the suffering they cause.) Of course, they could still feed the wildlife without shooting them, but they won't do that. We can.


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